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The intuitive team enjoys a productive ABTA Travel Convention

Last week the intuitive team enjoyed a busy few days at the ABTA Travel Convention in Costa Navarino, Greece.

Exciting string of award nominations for the intuitive team

It’s been an exciting time here at intuitive HQ of late: we’ve been continuing to work on new developments for our flagship product, iVector, and have welcomed new team members and clients to our fold.

What data means in travel

In travel, data has been a topic of conversation for at least the past decade if not more, and with the more recent trend of ‘big data’ it has become an even larger trend. Even so, this year the importance of data has grown, and it seems that the realisation that ‘big data’ may not just be for the big corporations, has been made.

Does your business have its finger on the pulse?

From researching new product supply to understanding the buying trends of consumers, staying abreast of industry developments is crucial to success in travel. But beyond the way your own travel technology works, the speed at which the variables such as SEO and PPC are moving means keeping your finger on the pulse has never been more important.

Do you really need to issue an RFP?

For any business, making a significant change such as switching reservation platform requires careful thought and planning. At the very outset is identifying a suitable vendor, one that has the necessary skills and approach so you can work with them on what will be major project. There are a number of ways it is possible to select vendors.

Why businesses have to react quickly to travel sector change

As consumer tastes continue to move towards more specialised travel packages, operators remain under pressure to keep up with changing demand. But while recognising new patterns in demand is one thing, being able to adjust your reservation system to adapt is quite another.

How forward thinking is your system and supplier?

In a market sector as rapidly evolving as the travel industry, thinking two steps ahead plays a vital role in giving businesses a cutting edge. Yet despite the importance of a forward thinking strategy to delivering growth, many operators are failing to implement such plans as a key priority.

Is the user experience of your platform hurting your bottom line?

For many online travel businesses, conducting front end development can often fall by the wayside when making changes to a reservation platform. With the nuts-and-bolts of API development and system maintenance often being a core focus, optimising the user experience simply doesn’t always take priority.

Should the reservation platform fit the business or vice versa?

From online travel agents to hotel aggregators, weighing up the needs of your business against the confines of your current system can produce some tough questions. For businesses looking to grow and expand their current product offering, understanding what you need from a new system can seem even more difficult.

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